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Born and raised in the Tampa Bay area, my love for fishing has been a lifelong passion.

As your guide, I am committed to providing you with an exciting charter experience, showcasing the thrill of inshore fishing. Whether targeting Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Trout, or other local species, the opportunity for an inshore Grand Slam awaits.

The sight of tailing redfish or the adrenaline rush of catching a big Tarpon must be experienced firsthand, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

I offer top-quality light tackle and share my expertise with new anglers and kids, enhancing the enjoyment and success of every charter. Bring the kids along for a special day of fishing together!

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About Captain Jeremy Heimes

Being born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida I was always intrigued by the outdoors so naturally fishing and hunting were my favorite pastimes.  My father and grandfathers were either into racing cars or fishing and hunting, and needless to say I leaned towards fishing.  Now I am working towards a fulltime career as a flats fishing guide in the Tampa Bay and St Petersburg, Florida area.

From the time I was 2, and could hold a cane pole, my grandmother had me on the dock fishing in their stocked pond, and my grandfather said I ‘hair lipped’ every fish in the pond at least once.  Bread balls were the bait of choice for a two year old.  Once I ran out of bread, and determined to fish, so I used a brown paper bag.  Yes this is a true story, I caught a 1 lb bass and my grandmother can testify to it.

We were always on the water somewhere fishing for a variety of fish, be it bluegills, brim, bass or soft shelled turtles I was always trying to get a hook into something.  My grandparents owned a houseboat and had it on Lake Hatchineha in St. Cloud, Florida.  We spent many weekends on that houseboat, night fishing with lights for specks. I remember holding two cane poles at once with a fish on each, a young mans dream if you know what I mean.

When I was about 7 yrs old my parents bought property in Perry, Florida. Only 10 minutes from the Gulf and Keaton Beach Marina, and only a half hour from Steinehatchee, Florida which is known for its scallop season. Exploring Perry became our family’s new pastime each and every weekend and was a great get-a-way from the daily Tampa bustle.

Whether it be for trout, cobia, big redfish, flounder or just to scallop, we loved the peace and quiet of our fish camp.  The Perry area is quite different, I remember when we first bought the place my parents were surprised at the fact that everyone waved at you as they drove by.  Most the people you would meet were very nice and loved to talk about what they caught for the day, which was right up my alley.

Day Away Charters started from my passion for fishing, and the enjoyment I get out of watching and helping others learn about fishing… okay, so maybe some boyhood dreams thrown in there too!  So the next time you are in the Tampa Bay or St Petersburg, Florida area and want to get out for a day of fishing, give me a call, I would enjoy showing you around a little, while catching some fish along the way.  After all, it is my favorite pastime you know!

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    Featured Review for Day Away Fishing Charters

    Untitled-1My son is just getting into fishing with artificial s but this year has been tough sledding in Titusville where I normally wade fish due to the grass beds dying off/poor water quality from the algae bloom/excessive rain/runoff (I just can’t locate the fish consistently anymore especially considering my time /range on the water is limited).

    Since I didn’t want him to get discouraged, plus this was our last weekend before the grind of school begins again, I splurged and chartered Captain Jeremy Heimes of Day Away Charters in Tampa, FL for the day.  He was recommended by some folks over in the West Central Coast forum that I must remember to thank!

    We were on the water in the Cockroach Bay Preserve near Ruskin, Fl before dawn. The conditions weren’t the best with the tide at almost dead high, the water dirty, and bait a plenty.

    We started in the backwaters focusing around mangrove points and cuts between islands as well as schools of large black mullet.  After a lot of short strikes on topwater plugs we did manage to hookup a couple of nice reds.  We then worked all over the area – drifting across potholed flats or along shorelines under mangroves as the tide dropped – with steady action picking off smaller snook and some nice trout here and there using topwater plugs, suspending hard jerk baits, and jig/jerkbait combos.  Captain Jeremy said it was really a slow day because it wasn’t a particular strong tide that was also working against the wind so the fish weren’t concentrating in the deeper pockets and channel edges between the islands like they normally would be as it falls).

    Later in the day Captain Jeremy netted a bunch of greenies which we used chumming then pitching baits around deeper potholes/mangroves/channels steadily picking off snook and trout again.  I must add we spotted more huge snook and reds then I could count.  They just weren’t biting what we were offering with all that bait around.

    Captain Jeremy was very accommodating even moving up his normal schedule/bait catching routine so we could get out at first light and focus on topwater fishing.  This area is absolutely beautiful and reminds me a lot of MIWR so for all you folks from Central Florida looking for an alternative to the Northern Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon area I highly recommend giving Captain Jeremy a call (813-714-9808).

    Local knowledge – especially if operating a boat due to the changing tides – is critical (we saw a group of tourist in a rented pontoon boat get stuck on a sandbar while we there).  It is simply a different fishery.

    Captain Jeremy is well worth it – didn’t mind teaching me about the area – where to focus/best tactics to use – while still letting me fish – but most of all for putting my son on his first west coast slam (redfish/snook/trout)!!

    I’ll definitely be booking him again this fall, when he says the bite is really on).  My son’s smile says it all!

    ….Ben and Daemon DuBois

    Our Charter Rates

    We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable day on the beautiful gulf coast.

    All rates are based on two (2) anglers:

    • 1/2 Day $600 this is 4 hrs on the water
    • 3/4 Day $700 this is 6 hrs on the water
    • Full Day $800 this is 8 hrs on the water
    • Extra person $50.00 each up to four anglers total
    • Fish cleaning available for a small fee

    I supply the following:

    • Fishing tackle
    • Lures
    • Bait
    • Ice & cooler
    • Saltwater fishing license

    You should Bring The Following:

    • Clothes for the weather
    • Hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera
    • Sun screen
    • Food and drinks

    The Day Away Charters boat is a 20 Ft. Renegade Skate Flats Boat with a 115 Mercury motor. This is a stable, comfortable boat for the type of fishing we will be doing.

    Captain Jeremy Heimes is:

    • U.S.C.G Licensed and fully insured
    • A member of the Florida Guides Association and the National Association Of Charter Boat Operators
    We may launch from a number of boat ramps in the area, this all depends on the bite or on your ability to travel very far and we will discuss this prior to your charter. The Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida area is known for providing large trout, redfish, snook, tarpon, pompano and lots of other species of fish. The time of the year will dictate to a large degree what species of fish we will target, again, we will talk about this prior to your charter.

    Fishing the intracoastal waterways of the Gulf Coast is similar to fishing a lake. This means that sea sickness is typically not a problem as the area is pretty well protected with barrier islands. Most of the water fished is between 1′ to 6′ deep and many times within a few hundred yards of land (land is always within site).

    We primarily use spinning tackle due to the light lures or bait used in this type of fishing. If you are not familiar with this type of fishing gear we will gladly teach you. Fly fishing is an exciting way to catch these shallow fish so if this is your preferred angling method please feel free to bring your own fly rod.

    We strongly encourage catch and release, it is rewarding to see them swim away. That said, if you would like to keep one or more fish for a great dinner, we will clean your catch for a small fee. Any fish over your legal limit will be released immediately. You cannot count the captain as part of your legal limit.